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About Estate Planning
          You might be thinking “Do I really need an estate plan?  I'm not that rich.”  Well, estates
come in all shapes and sizes.  It doesn't really matter whether your treasure includes your home,
your business, your savings,  or your four-legged friends and an old softball mitt.   Estate planning
is about how (and by whom) the people and things that we have treasured in life will be treasured
once we leave them.  
          If you truly own nothing and care about nothing, you really may not need an estate plan.  
But if you are like most of us, you do care for family, friends, or causes, and you have give you the
peace of knowing you have taken steps to protect the people you love and to pass on the things life
entrusted to your care.  We can help you explore ways to accomplish your goals, always striving to
keep your plan as simple as possible.

About Estate Administration
            There are a lot of reasons it isn't so easy to settle an estate.  Emotions around the death of
a family member or close friend run high.... and then there are the legal and tax issues.  NJ still
maintains "Transfer Taxes" on certain transfers.  Bishop & Mastandrea will guide you through the
process, helping you avoid pitfalls that can be costly and emotion-triggering.  
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